George Nozuka

George Nozuka


times on our own

Leafs falling from the tree, pale, frail, brittle

Recovering from the scheme, hair fallen riddle.

Weak, tired, trying to wish in an empty well

The best of me keeps going with ripples of echoes past

While piles upon miles of tarnished thrown out trash

Why is it unaffordable, not amounting to ones cash?

 Turning cheeks for the quickest lies to runaway from joyful cries

Until the road has turned to rubble where earth is near with final dear

No language taints the ultimate for negative is disappear

Depending on my senses where my senses deepen without address

So face the ultimatums pain for cold will linger life in vein

Put together shattered broke drowning tides with heavy stroke

Memorize the way I held you like my writing in a note

Backboned twigs prepare for winter with winds that rain until they sting

Before the sleep is over with, give blessed wings that nest to sing.

George Nozuka


George Nozuka

—End All Be All Girl